Annual Chef Training

E veryone is very busy these days and seem to have little or no time for the things that are important to them. Learning something new does take time. If we could swallow a magic pill and suddenly know how to speak a new language or have a needed skill it would be awesome but until that is a reality, we have to take time out if we want to enrich our lives with new knowledge.

The 10-day Chef Training is such an endeavor.

Through the course you have the opportunity to be inspired and learn from top vegan chefs, to practice hands on cooking with the support of a chef and hone your creativity and confidence to prepare nourishing and tasty whole foods in a variety of ways.

Next training October 4-14, 2016

I would make the course shorter if I believed that individuals would get the same value but frankly in order to dive into the art of plant-based cooking, practice and learn new skills, be inspired and come home being able to prepare delicious, healthy meals full of variety takes time!

The ideas, concepts, methods and skills you can take away from this course will give you material to grow and learn from for many years!

See for full details and to reserve your place today!


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