I know sugar isn’t good for me but what should I do?

Question: I know sugar isn’t good for me but what should I do?

Answer: I suggest that because sugar is so addictive that it is easier to avoid it all together than to just eat a little. Eventually it is nice to be more relaxed and allow yourself to indulge from time to time but to start with it is actually easier to go cold turkey!
There are many good sweeteners you can use to enjoy sweetness without compromising your health like rice syrup, barley malt, corn malt and maple syrup. These are fantastic sweeteners for cooking and baking or to simply spread on your bread or drizzle on your breakfast cereal.
So cut out the refined white sugar and replace it with the above sweeteners plus fresh and dried fruit and gradually over time you will taste the sweetness in grains and vegetables and be able to eat less fruit and less concentrated sweeteners as well.


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