What are the negative effects from coffee?

Question: What are the negative effects from coffee?

Answer: As far as coffee concerns our health, I would look at it as a ‘pleasure food’ that you may enjoy from time to time if you are in good health. If your health is unstable coffee will make it worse, it takes minerals out of your body. Drinking coffee stresses, the kidneys and weakens the bladder by increasing urination, simultaneously putting a strain on the heart.
Is decaf coffee better for your health that regular coffee?
Your average cup of decaf coffee is probably worse than your average cup of regular coffee because of the chemicals used in order to extract the caffeine. However, if you are sensitive to the caffeine and you want to have an occasional coffee, then buy yourself an organic, water processed decaf coffee.
Coffee tends to add more chaos to our already hectic lives and puts us on the roller coaster. If you can get off the roller coaster of coffee drinking you will have more energy and be able to get things done more calmly and efficiently.
The highly addictive nature of coffee is the hook! Our bodies become dependent on the caffeine to feel normal and we quite easily end up drinking more and more coffee.


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